Godiva festival Coventry, or as Lucy Spraggan called it Go-Diva. I don’t know how many of you went this year, but if you didn’t you should have, cause it rocked.

Now I’m not really a music-y person, that’s not saying I don’t like music (quite the opposite actually) I’m just not very good at remembering artists, or lyrics, or song titles, nor am I particularly good at finding artists, or songs, or song lyrics. The result being, as I’m sure my friends noticed today, that I’m pretty clueless at festivals. But it was still wicked.

Maybe it was the company, because frankly my friends are awesome, or it could’ve been the euphoria of seeing an alpaca (yes I did just say alpaca) but regardless this festival was brill.

Opened by a variety of fairly unknown acts, the first of which we saw in full was Bad Finger (the lesser known sister group of Malcontented Wrist), Godiva may have been off to a shaky start, but Lucy Spraggan quickly remedied the situation. Reminding everyone present just why she was so popular on the X-Factor, Spraggan sang crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser, funny, cheerful and tuneful she was the highlight of this festival for me and I’m sure many others.

Spraggan was followed by the famous yet infamous Kate Nash. Playing a number of her hits (none of which I knew) she didn’t go down quite as well, that is until she pulled out the absolute banger that is Dickhead, followed not long after by her most popular song Foundation. Nash was definitely high energy, not just dancing but appearing to do pilates at one point (sorry to nick your joke there Ells) she was clearly her own biggest fan, something she later encouraged all the festival-goers to be. Nash’s politics and brilliantly feministic message was the highlight of her set in my opinion, but I’ll definitely be looking into her music in the future.

The headliner of this festival was The Darkness, famous for a number of absolute classics including I Believe In A Thing Called Love, they brilliantly finished of this free festival. Not only nostalgic for many, The Darkness drew in first time listeners as well, embodying the energy and joy of 2000s rock.

Overall, I really could not have asked for a better day, I will definitely be looking into going again next year, and I suggest you do too.

TheSarcastic Blogger

P.s. Many thanks to my fabulously beautiful friend for be-glittering me, you rock!


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