Last week I bought my friend a present. It wasn’t her birthday, nor was it an unusual Early July religious festival you’ve never heard off, I simply saw something I thought she’d like and I bought it. (She did like it, in case any of you were wondering.)

Now is it just me, or is it seriously strange that we reserve gifts for such big annual events as birthdays and Christmas? I’m not saying we should buy each other stuff all the time, I don’t know about you lot but as a soon-to-be-student I don’t have the funds, but I do think its odd that sometimes we’ll see things and think “Oh, wow, my friend would really love that” and then we don’t get it, because we don’t have an excuse to.

So I’ve decided to bugger excuses, my excuse for buying my friends things: they’re awesome, they’re absolutely lovely people, and they put up with my terrible sense of humour.

Now that’s not to say that I’m going to be off buying designer gear and cars for my best mates (as I’ve said I don’t have the funds) but what it does mean is that the next time I’m out and I see something I know one of them would like, as long as I can afford to do so, I’m going to buy, why not?

I spend way too much cash on things I have absolutely no need for, it’s a problem I’m working on, I might as well spend some cash on the important people in my life.

Be kind to each other guys,


TheSarcastic Blogger



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