To those who are rude in shops

This afternoon a woman came into the shop I work in. This was not the first time I had served her, I couldn’t have erased the ugly scowl of her mouth if I wanted to, the high pitched whine of her voice clung to my mind, a thin spiderweb of memory. I do not know this woman’s name, but for the sake of narrative we will call her bitchface.

Now bitchface was unhappy, why I hear you ask? Are you not an attentive and jovial worker? Oh but I am, it was not my attitude- nor that of my colleagues- that left this woman bitter (more bitter than she typically is at any rate.) No. She was pissed because we were busy, and as such couldn’t fill a balloon. Cue huffy bitchy shouty shit.

Now that you understand the stimulus for this piece, let me move onto the main body of my post.



What does it achieve?? That’s my question, to those who are rude in shops, what the hell does it achieve? If anything I am now less inclined to help you than I was before. Well done. You’ve pissed me off, you want that thing on the shelf? Jump for it.

This woman throws a mini bitchfit, tells me its ridiculous and storms out of the shop mumbling to herself under her breath. News flash bitchface: THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU. I am serious. Grow the hell up, you’re old enough to be my mother and you’re being rude to me? How would you feel if your kid came home and told you some dumbass was rude to them at work? More importantly, the fact that you didn’t possess the presence of mind to pre-order your shitty balloons is not my issue, I spend all day taking orders for people, in person, over the phone, for now, for later, for months away. It’s actually my job. And seeing as these people bothered their arses to ring up and pay for something days or weeks in advance kinda means they get to have their shit done before you. If you have an issue with that then you can ring up and PLACE YOUR OWN BLOODY ORDER.

Jesus wept, what is the world coming to? The basic courtesy that so many people the generation before us expect, they do not seem capable of giving. I wouldn’t even consider treating someone the way so many middle-aged, fully grown, adult people (with cars and mortgages and everything) treat me, yet for some reason they see someone my age and decide what? I deserve less respect than them? On what basis? You have successfully fucked me over financially, educationally and socially and I’ve not even been an adult for a month yet! Why in God’s good name should I be showing you respect?

Now that’s not to say I’m going to start treating customers and/or anyone over the age of 30 like crap, (for one thing as someone younger than 30 I can apparently recognise that treating people with common courtesy should be something everyone does just for shits and giggles) but it does mean that I recognise that the political decisions of the generations before us have a major impact on my life, and the lives of everyone I know. It means I recognise that whilst common courtesy is something I offer everyone, I don’t owe them anything more than that.

So, to those who are rude in shops…

Fuck you.

Lots of love

TheSarcastic Blogger





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