About Me

I can’t speak for anyone else but I, for one, cannot stand the obligatory “All about me” page on blogs, personal websites or- God forbid- social networking. So why, I hear you ask, am I writing one? The truth of the matter is that it seemed like the done thing; and it is always best to stick to the pre-existing traditions when you’re just starting out. Which leaves the the big question… What on Earth do you put in an “All about me” page?

This question is one that I have no hope of answering, but for the sake of this page I shall try to. I’ll start- as I’m sure someone, at some point has started- by telling you that I’m British. Whilst not the most important fact it may perhaps allude to the reasons or sense behind some of the things I post. I say “perhaps” because I am yet to post anything, and so this fact is as redundant now as it may always be. It is perhaps also important to tell you that I am fairly young- though how young precisely I shall not reveal- again this may help you to understand my opinions; or indeed to bare my ignorance. Another fact you may wish to know is that I’m a girl. Personally I don’t think that particular fact will effect many of my opinions, but it is always nice to know a bit about who’s drivel your subjecting yourself to. And with that my dear, and patient reader I leave you. I hope this blog brings you some small amusement, and I ask that (even if it doesn’t) you are kind in the comments that you leave.

All the best

TheSarcastic Blogger