Kindred spirits

When most people declare a new friend a kindred spirit they mean they’re the kind of people they could go to weird glittery festivals with, and whilst I’m sure I could drag my new friends to glittery festivals, thats not quite what I mean.

If the title of this blog, and my multiple rants, haven’t yet tipped you off I’m a sarcastic, bitchy student, who’s too poor and too fed up with life to properly express any form of optimism, or hope, or positivity. At least not on the internet. And I’ll tell you what, these people are my people. Biting. Sarcastic. Funny. Sweet. Brilliant.

Kindred spirits. Lets hope they stay that way.

Be kind to each other, make friends, find kindred spirits,


TheSarcastic Blogger.


On the topic of toxic masculinity

Toxic masculinity. If you talk to any of my friends they’ll tell you its something that gets me going. I might be a sarcastic bitch, but I’m also very empathetic, a little bit glitter obsessed, fond of fruity drinks, a lover of poetry, children and animals, and more than capable of laying down a verbal smackdown on anyone who suggests boys can’t be all those thing too; its something I pride myself on. My ability to own my own femininity and my own emotions, and to show kindness to others is something I’m proud of, and to think that men are prevented and shunned for presenting or having or enjoying any of those supposedly feminine traits/things is not only extremely disrespectful, it is frankly ridiculous. And here’s some facts to prove I’m right:

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. Fact.

Suicide is indeed the biggest killer in men under 50 in this country, wanna know why?…

Men are less likely to seek mental health treatment than women. Fact.

Yet another fact. Likely stemming from the emasculation associated with mental health care and the general and well established belief (perpetuated by pop culture and arseholes) that having emotions, feelings, issues and being neurologically atypical is some how inherently feminine, or at least not masculine. I imagine this issue is exacerbated by the fact that men have been shown to be less likely to seek medical attention generally than women. Don’t believe me? When was the last time your dad/ brother/ grandpa/uncle/ male friend went to the doctors? Even when he knew he was sick? Exactly. Still don’t believe me? Hit up google. It’s the truth.

Now this is probably the time to stress that I am not discussing masculinity in the sense of ones own masculine traits or indeed in any form of personal expression, or how someone feels etc. I’m talking about masculinity in the sense of societally encouraged, constructed and reinforced ideals that mandate the way in which people are allowed to behave and/or express their own gender. Onto more facts:

Men are encouraged to present a multitude of emotions through violence from a young age as a way to assert their own masculinity, thus reinforcing ideas of men as violent abusers. Fact.

Again, if you don’t believe me hit up google, you can read about it. The notion that men are naturally violent or more likely to be abusers is founded in the way we teach boys to express themselves, through anger. I’d go into more detail about it but I don’t know enough to comment with conviction, so take my word and read into it yourself if you want to know more.

Male victims of abuse, particularly sexual abuse, are not only less likely to come forward, they are less likely to see their abuser prosecuted. Fact.

Hardly surprising is it? Pretty heart breaking that. From a statistical point of view men are more prolific abusers, but they’re also less likely to see their abusers brought to justice, particularly if that abuser is a woman. Now women can abuse other women, and men can abuse other men, and non-binary folk can be abused and be abusers in much the same way, but the fact of the matter is, when people can’t come forward, when they can’t be honest about what they’ve suffered, and when they can’t see the people who have hurt them punished, they don’t heal in the same way. Rape culture and the way we deal with assault is already a massive problem, the way the system is geared against victims is fucking atrocious and, in short, toxic masculinity isn’t making anything any better.

In march of THIS YEAR there were only 18 refuges nationally that help male victims of domestic violence. Fact.

Does this need explanation? I don’t think so. Men need help too, anyone who think otherwise can fuck right off.

Toxic masculinity encourages homophobia. Fact.

No. Explanation. Needed.

So there we go. Those are my facts. Do I have more? Yes. Could I go one? For pages. Am I going to? No. These are some of the facts that shock me, the ones that remind me why this is a topic so close to my heart. Why I need to be there for my male friends in a more active emotional way, you see my female friends will simply tell me, my male friends beat about the bush. Keep an eye out peeps, your boys aren’t always happy, be vigilant, be loving, be there for them. They deserve it.

Be kind to each other.


TheSarcastic Blogger


To A Woman I Have Never Met


Usually I make a point of starting all correspondence with “Dear…” but you are not now, nor will you ever be, dear to me. So much so that I cannot bring myself to write it.

You will never read this, in fact I very much doubt even your daughter will read it. But that is not why I am writing it.

My anger, neigh my disgust at you is such that I cannot let it be contained within me, for fear that it has the power to poison my blood. How dare you speak to your own child like that? How dare you leave her in pieces and abandon her to pick them up herself? How do you wake up in the morning, look at a child that tries so hard, that struggles so much and that loves so deeply and turn your back on her?

Perhaps you don’t.

But it is the only way I can rationalise your behaviour, that you simply do not care, or worse yet they you honesty harbour malice towards your own daughter. I have not lived in your house, I cannot attest to her treatment of you, nor can I say that I have witnessed your treatment of her. But I can say that I have spent hours worrying desperately about a person you destroy in SECONDS. I can tell you that whilst you move on, whilst you start new arguments and cause fresh heartache I am replaying the last conversation of that sort in my mind and hoping that I said the right thing. I stopped tears, or provided warmth in the winter of your relationship.

I cannot say that I have witnessed one of your arguments, but I have witnessed the fall out, I have seen the aftermath and walked in the shadow of your destruction. I am in a position to dislike you.

To a woman I have never met, you make me sick beyond words, you pain me beyond pain, and I dislike you not only in my conscious mind, but in my soul.

To a woman I have never met, I am not a mother, but one day I hope to be one and I can only pray that my children will never feel as your children feel.

To a woman I have never met, it is entirely possible that I one day will meet you, and I will smile my sales assistant smile and trot out my customer voice and be polite and gracious and the cookie cutter bright-young-girl I have been my entire life and you will not know that inside I am seething.

To a woman I have never met, she is better than you in every way. You don’t know that yet, but let me tell you, to everyone else is it is glaringly obvious.

To a woman I have never met, I am truly sorry you cannot see her worth, because I do, and others do, and we are blinded daily by her light, we are amazed endlessly by her intelligence, and we are left breathless by her endearing charm and effortless wit.

To a woman I have never met, I dislike you, but perhaps I pity you more.



Group chats

This week I’ve been thinking about group chats, why you ask? Well, because I spend wayyyy too much of my life on them not to think about group chats. But first, some background…

It all started about two years ago…

[Cue dreamy wiggly music]

I was added entirely without warning to a group chat full of strangers who proceeded to verbally abuse me at the behest of someone who I looked upon not only as a friend, but as family. Someone who was in my mind almost above reproach because I loved them like I loved my own self. Unfortunately for me, family meant very little to them. The result, I spent literally months building up to the point when I could have my phone on all day without having sudden bouts of anxiety, where I could receive a message without being on the verge of a panic attack. I got there. Eventually. It took me a long while, and even now I’m not 100% when it comes to social media (group chats in particular), so how is it I spend a solid 70% of my time on one?

The answer:

Bugger knows.

But I manage it. I think they’ve become such an ingrained part of how we communicate, with their own entirely separate rules of etiquette and socialisation, that to disassociate myself would leave me entirely out in the cold. That’s not to say they always go to plan though. This week I’ve been thinking about group chats, because they’ve gone tits up.

Incident One:

Incident one happened mid week when my friend (mostly friend? kinda friend?) of about seven years accused another one of our friends of taking drugs. In town. With maybe-friends boyfriend. What??? And worse yet she did it on the group chat???? Not a direct message????? Pretty sure it was for attention but hey, what do I know? The result was this particularly dramatic series of messages between me and another member of the group chat about events on the group chat:

I’m still flabbergasted about this! What on earth led this person to openly accuse someone we both know not just of taking drugs, but of doing drugs with her own boyfriend? What would have led her to that situation? And worse yet, after she’d done this, she kept telling the girl she’d accused to “Chill”. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? You can’t cause an argument and then try to end it, that’s not how it works!

Incident number one is a perfect example of how things can go from 0-100 really quickly on group chats, and more importantly of how people can use them to show others up or gain attention they want. Everyone likes a bit of attention here and there, but group chats allow a certain level of immediate gratification, you can ask for attention and support and receive without delay, most of the time thats pretty good, sometimes it goes a bit wonky. Now I’m as bad as anyone else when it comes to this (you think I write a personal blog just for the joy of writing? Getting attention has to come in there somewhere right?) but I think I’m in a position to say that this individual was doing nothing but seeking attention, and furthermore seeking to stain the name of one of my closest friends. Incident number one is a brilliant example of the issues I have with group chats.

Incident Two:

Ok, so after all that stress incident number two is actually a lot funnier and lighter. Long story short I accidentally added one of my Uni mates to a group chat of all my girl friends planning a coffee morning and bitching about maybe-friend. This poor bloke found himself in the somewhat turbulent waters of all female friendship. Whoops?

Luckily he’s a pretty chill dude and the whole incident was as funny as it was embarrassing. In other news, I shouldn’t be allowed to use social media, because I’m a mess.

What are your thoughts on group chats?

Let me know


TheSarcastic Blogger

Terrible by omission

Last week I did something I will regret for the rest of my life, or at the very least for the next few years. I did something I told myself I would never, ever do. I compromised my own beliefs, my own integrity, in order to prevent an argument. I allowed ignorance to reign, in order to safeguard the way I am viewed by the perpetrators of the ignorance.

It’s not hard to see my own privilege, I’m aware of it, as far as I can be, but sometimes I am more aware of it than others. This week I made the decision not to say something when I saw an issue, and I shouldn’t have, and the guilt and distress I feel about it is something I struggle to put into words. This week I became aware of my own privilege in a very corporeal way, because I simply chose not to say something. It was a decision I could make. I saw something happen, something I disagreed with, and all I had to do was choose not to say something.

Now the fact was that my not saying anything didn’t prevent this moron from getting something of a verbal lashing. The guy she was ignorant towards (about?) was more than capable of delivering it himself. In fact if anything my guilt about this matter is entirely selfish and frankly ridiculous. This guy is 18 years old, well spoken and more than capable of telling ignorant, racially insensitive people to do one. He doesn’t need a silly white girl to do it for him. And yet here I am, a whole 72 hours later, desperately trying to rationalise my own decision.

And the fact is, if I had done this (or rather not done it) purely because he was on it, he was sorting his own issues and educating people by himself, I don’t think I would feel bad. I have total faith that this guy can handle himself, and had things gotten out of hand I would have happily weighed in on his side. But that’s not why I kept quiet. I kept mum because the thought of starting a confrontation, particularly one over social media which is something I struggle with, made me feel deeply, deeply anxious. Because my own discomfort got in the way of my social views.

Worse yet, I did this because the people I was talking to were ones I would have to be with next year, and them not liking me ( or rather the notion of them not liking me) fills me with dread. I compromised my views, my stance on issues, my social thoughts and feelings, just so that I didn’t upset a load of randoms who may or may not grow to dislike me regardless.

So to the gentleman who stood up for himself,

I should have said something

I’m sorry

With love

TheSarcastic Blogger

To those who are rude in shops

This afternoon a woman came into the shop I work in. This was not the first time I had served her, I couldn’t have erased the ugly scowl of her mouth if I wanted to, the high pitched whine of her voice clung to my mind, a thin spiderweb of memory. I do not know this woman’s name, but for the sake of narrative we will call her bitchface.

Now bitchface was unhappy, why I hear you ask? Are you not an attentive and jovial worker? Oh but I am, it was not my attitude- nor that of my colleagues- that left this woman bitter (more bitter than she typically is at any rate.) No. She was pissed because we were busy, and as such couldn’t fill a balloon. Cue huffy bitchy shouty shit.

Now that you understand the stimulus for this piece, let me move onto the main body of my post.



What does it achieve?? That’s my question, to those who are rude in shops, what the hell does it achieve? If anything I am now less inclined to help you than I was before. Well done. You’ve pissed me off, you want that thing on the shelf? Jump for it.

This woman throws a mini bitchfit, tells me its ridiculous and storms out of the shop mumbling to herself under her breath. News flash bitchface: THE WORLD DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND YOU. I am serious. Grow the hell up, you’re old enough to be my mother and you’re being rude to me? How would you feel if your kid came home and told you some dumbass was rude to them at work? More importantly, the fact that you didn’t possess the presence of mind to pre-order your shitty balloons is not my issue, I spend all day taking orders for people, in person, over the phone, for now, for later, for months away. It’s actually my job. And seeing as these people bothered their arses to ring up and pay for something days or weeks in advance kinda means they get to have their shit done before you. If you have an issue with that then you can ring up and PLACE YOUR OWN BLOODY ORDER.

Jesus wept, what is the world coming to? The basic courtesy that so many people the generation before us expect, they do not seem capable of giving. I wouldn’t even consider treating someone the way so many middle-aged, fully grown, adult people (with cars and mortgages and everything) treat me, yet for some reason they see someone my age and decide what? I deserve less respect than them? On what basis? You have successfully fucked me over financially, educationally and socially and I’ve not even been an adult for a month yet! Why in God’s good name should I be showing you respect?

Now that’s not to say I’m going to start treating customers and/or anyone over the age of 30 like crap, (for one thing as someone younger than 30 I can apparently recognise that treating people with common courtesy should be something everyone does just for shits and giggles) but it does mean that I recognise that the political decisions of the generations before us have a major impact on my life, and the lives of everyone I know. It means I recognise that whilst common courtesy is something I offer everyone, I don’t owe them anything more than that.

So, to those who are rude in shops…

Fuck you.

Lots of love

TheSarcastic Blogger





Last week I bought my friend a present. It wasn’t her birthday, nor was it an unusual Early July religious festival you’ve never heard off, I simply saw something I thought she’d like and I bought it. (She did like it, in case any of you were wondering.)

Now is it just me, or is it seriously strange that we reserve gifts for such big annual events as birthdays and Christmas? I’m not saying we should buy each other stuff all the time, I don’t know about you lot but as a soon-to-be-student I don’t have the funds, but I do think its odd that sometimes we’ll see things and think “Oh, wow, my friend would really love that” and then we don’t get it, because we don’t have an excuse to.

So I’ve decided to bugger excuses, my excuse for buying my friends things: they’re awesome, they’re absolutely lovely people, and they put up with my terrible sense of humour.

Now that’s not to say that I’m going to be off buying designer gear and cars for my best mates (as I’ve said I don’t have the funds) but what it does mean is that the next time I’m out and I see something I know one of them would like, as long as I can afford to do so, I’m going to buy, why not?

I spend way too much cash on things I have absolutely no need for, it’s a problem I’m working on, I might as well spend some cash on the important people in my life.

Be kind to each other guys,


TheSarcastic Blogger




Godiva festival Coventry, or as Lucy Spraggan called it Go-Diva. I don’t know how many of you went this year, but if you didn’t you should have, cause it rocked.

Now I’m not really a music-y person, that’s not saying I don’t like music (quite the opposite actually) I’m just not very good at remembering artists, or lyrics, or song titles, nor am I particularly good at finding artists, or songs, or song lyrics. The result being, as I’m sure my friends noticed today, that I’m pretty clueless at festivals. But it was still wicked.

Maybe it was the company, because frankly my friends are awesome, or it could’ve been the euphoria of seeing an alpaca (yes I did just say alpaca) but regardless this festival was brill.

Opened by a variety of fairly unknown acts, the first of which we saw in full was Bad Finger (the lesser known sister group of Malcontented Wrist), Godiva may have been off to a shaky start, but Lucy Spraggan quickly remedied the situation. Reminding everyone present just why she was so popular on the X-Factor, Spraggan sang crowd pleaser after crowd pleaser, funny, cheerful and tuneful she was the highlight of this festival for me and I’m sure many others.

Spraggan was followed by the famous yet infamous Kate Nash. Playing a number of her hits (none of which I knew) she didn’t go down quite as well, that is until she pulled out the absolute banger that is Dickhead, followed not long after by her most popular song Foundation. Nash was definitely high energy, not just dancing but appearing to do pilates at one point (sorry to nick your joke there Ells) she was clearly her own biggest fan, something she later encouraged all the festival-goers to be. Nash’s politics and brilliantly feministic message was the highlight of her set in my opinion, but I’ll definitely be looking into her music in the future.

The headliner of this festival was The Darkness, famous for a number of absolute classics including I Believe In A Thing Called Love, they brilliantly finished of this free festival. Not only nostalgic for many, The Darkness drew in first time listeners as well, embodying the energy and joy of 2000s rock.

Overall, I really could not have asked for a better day, I will definitely be looking into going again next year, and I suggest you do too.

TheSarcastic Blogger

P.s. Many thanks to my fabulously beautiful friend for be-glittering me, you rock!

Thank God it’s almost over


Perhaps the worst year in recent memory both politically and socially sees America revert to the 1950s- racist, sexist and homophobic- and Britain shoot itself in the metaphorical political foot. And then, just to prove that this year could get more ridiculous, Honey G is releasing an album.

Please tell me I’m not the only one questioning the fate of the world after the year we’ve had? Between Brexit and the Trump election the world is set to go down the toilet. Britain has split itself away from the european world powers in a shocking show of internalised racism that has resulted, amongst other things, in a drastic fall in the worth of the pound, the murder of a young mother and MP- Jo Cox- and a simmering, bitter resentment of the older generations. Why, you ask? Mainly, it seems, because free movement throughout the EU allows skilled and unskilled foreign workers to live and work in Britain. (Not to sound bitter or anything but if you’re losing out on a job to a second language, unskilled worker then maybe you shouldn’t have said job.) Now maybe that sounds closed minded, after all the lies fed to the British people, chiefly by UKIP, throughout the referendum promised more funds to the NHS and a better, stronger, British economy. However, as I’ve mentioned, those were lies. No extra money is going to the NHS. The pound has hit an all time low this year, with the exchange rate lower than it had been in over a decade this June, putting a strain on the economy. In short, everything is going to hell in a hand basket, and just to add insult to injury the first thing the government is going to try to arrange (according to rumours on the internet) is… drum roll please… FREE MOVEMENT. If it wasn’t actually happening it would be laughable.

On top of all that the US has shocked the world, and left many of its residents in extreme distress, by electing a misogynistic, racist, sex offending Wotsit as its president.Well Done. Now I’m not saying Hillary would have been better- I’m not American, I wasn’t there for the campaigning, and I know next to nothing about her career- but I do know that she has never once suggested a) a wall around Mexico, b) sexually assaulting employees or c) making Muslims register in a Nazi-Germany-esque way. So in my books she’s better than the Wotsit.

OK so we’re politically f***ed, the economy is circling the drain and Boris Johnson is now in charge of foreign affairs, how could this get any worse? I’ll tell you how. Our best loved celebrities could all die over the period of a shocking couple of months, only to be followed to the grave by the British pillar of society, the pinnacle of culture and true joy of this miserable country: The Great British Bake Off.

And then, just to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that we were well and truly screwed, that our lives could not possibly get any more intolerable Honey G… released an album.

But hey, thank God it’s almost over.

Let me know what the highlight (or lowlight) of your year has been

TheSarcastic Blogger

P.s. Here’s a song that really sums it up